Why Choose Us?

  • Our clinic can accept instalment payment of the dental works or surgery.
  • The latest generation equipment – surgeries are done with modern equipment
  • We guarantee the success of treatments – most of our treatments are covered by a long term warranty, which will be discussed with you before treatment
  • Regular control – within this control, the dentist observe the health of your mouth and teeth, diagnosing the potential problems
  • The medical staff of the clinic ElvetoDent offers information on oral health, treatment indications, and individual treatment plan
  • Dental implants: choose simple, fast and painless
  • The dental implant is currently one of the best ways of replacing lost teeth, obtaining very good results due to the structural complexity and the clinic-technical implementation stages conducted with great precision
  • Dental medical tourism
  • Our doctors have extensive experience in working with foreign patients. We can offer consultation even from distance. Thus you will receive information about duration and cost of treatment.

Looking for a quality and affordable constructorfor your next project?

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